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In late 2020, the Department of Health conducted the third annual Wellness and Reablement report through an online survey to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers in all states and territories. The purpose of the survey is to measure progress towards embedding wellness and reablement approaches and to gain a more in-depth view of CHSP-funded organisations’ reablement approaches into their organisational practices and service delivery, including identifying any challenges and supports needed.

The department received 1,321 responses from CHSP service providers in all states and territories. Baseline data on reablement focussed service delivery was collected in 2019 with 1,295 responses. This report will compare the progress and trends across the two reporting periods.

Consistent with last year’s outcomes, key self-reported results by providers show that most organisations reported to have seen the benefits of reablement approaches and have seen clients regain (even in part) physical or cognitive abilities, service providers reporting on the alignment of certain service types showed mixed responses, particular lack of alignment of wellness and reablement approaches for meals, home maintenance and transport.

Full Report can be accessed here: