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Lismore City Council is pleased to announce that expressions of interest for funding through the Rural Landholder Initiative are now open until Friday, December 17.

The successful Rural Landholder Initiative, which is now in its sixth year, provides small grants to landowners to improve the biodiversity and farm productivity on their land.

Assistance of up to $7500 is available which can assist with professional advice, labour, and materials provided over two years with projects to commence in July 2022.

Landholders can apply for funds to help with the following projects:

• bush regeneration works restoring areas of native habitat

• revegetation with local native plants

• environmental weed control and initial follow-up maintenance

• plantings for erosion stabilisation using local native plants

• purchasing fencing materials to control livestock in riparian and wetland areas, and remnant vegetation improvement

• purchasing off-stream watering equipment to protect waterways from stock impact

• stabilising stock crossing points

Council’s Rural Landholder Initiative Extension Officer Kate Steel said a successful current project of enriching biodiversity involves landholders at Repentance Creek with 17 hectares of Camphor-dominated Big Scrub regrowth are being assisted to transform the property back into richly diverse riparian rainforest.

“This project really is a success because the landholders are making the effort themselves, learning from professional contractors, and seeking help from their neighbours, Lismore City Council and Landcare,” she said.

“We are also working with graziers to improve the moisture retention qualities of soils in nature-base solutions to erosion and flood mitigation. We are learning we need to do this from the top of the catchment to the floodplains. All these projects are on private land holdings. An example includes planting 800 trees to improve water quality entering the Wilsons River to control erosion, hold water in the soil and reduce drying winds across grazing land. This also provides habitat for local fauna.

“Grazers and macadamia farmers manage over 75 per cent of the rural land in our LGA and we need their participation in good practices to look after the Richmond River. The Rural Landholder Initiative is one way to help farmers repair our precious catchment.”

All private rural ratepayers on land of more than 2ha are eligible to apply.

To apply or find out more information, please go to www.lismore.nsw.gov.au and look under the Environment & Sustainability tab or contact our Rural Landholder Initiative Extension Officer Kate Steel on 6625 0500.

PICTURE: Regenerative work being carried out at Repentance Creek