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Managing asthma and allergies is an important part of asthma care.

As we move into the spring season, health professionals play a critical role in providing information and support to people with asthma, particularly with current COVID-19 conditions, and the difficulty of asthma and COVID-19 symptoms being similar.

Asthma Australia has developed new resources to support you in treating people with asthma this spring. Their pack contains:

• asthma and hay fever infographic

• asthma and allergic rhinitis fact sheet for health professionals and pharmacists

• asthma and AIT consumer fact sheet

• asthma, hay fever and COVID-19 information

• thunderstorm asthma info sheet

• written asthma action plan template

• Asthma Connect flyer

• Asthma Australia referral form

• Get continuous support for your asthma patients brochure

• Think GP health professional training brochure

Visit Asthma Australia to order the spring asthma pack for health professionals.