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The Better Chances Forum (BCF) hosted a series of workshops focused on engagement practice in June.

A report has been created summarising the
workshops with workers and managers from early intervention services in Northern NSW.
Themes and information from the workshops and other related BCF meetings and activities will inform the development of shared practice tools for forum members. 

In 2022/23 the Better Chances Forum is focusing on strengthening engagement practice – with children, young people, families and community. The workshops provided an opportunity to reflect and learn with colleagues, about: 

  • how we engage children, young people and families in our services
  • the essential contribution of family and community-led supports alongside funded and clinical services
  • sharing and developing strategies to strengthen our engagement practice, noting that information shared in the workshops will inform development of shared tools for Better Chances Forum.

Themes discussed in the workshops included:

  • relationships, relationships, relationships!
  • self-determination, empowerment and decision-making
  • working with humanity
  • and practical engagement tips from workshop participants.

In 2022-23, BCF aims to host further workshops to build on this learning and develop shared tools that support and build our engagement practice. To connect with BCF contact [email protected]

Download the BCF engagement reflection workshops report.