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Blue Knot Foundation is pleased to announce its new professional development training calendar for the second half of 2021. This calendar includes face-to-face trainings, webinars and virtual classrooms. The trainings which are on offer for the second half of the year include:

• Foundations for Building Trauma Awareness (one day)

• Trauma Awareness: Supporting People with a Disability (one day)

• Using a Trauma Lens when working with Domestic and Family Violence (one day)

• Trauma Responsive Leadership (one day)

• Managing Wellbeing and Recognising Vicarious Trauma (one day)

• Three Phased Approach: Safety and Stabilisation (one day)

• Three Phased Approach: Processing and Integration (two days)

• Trauma Informed Diversity Awareness – Masterclass

• Building Trauma Awareness Webinar Series