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Welcome to a fresh new year and the latest edition of the Byron Carers newsletter

This month’s quick read includes information on:

 Medicines and dementia

The new year is a great time to review your medicines and/or those of the person you care for. This month we discuss non-pharmacological treatments for common issues associated with dementia, as well as the informative downloadable booklet from NPS MedicineWise and Dementia Australia about medicines and dementia. This will arm you with knowledge and questions to ask your health professionals.

Avoiding dehydration this summer

Most of us can be accused of being too busy or forgetting to drink enough fluids during the day, but for people with dementia, dehydration can contribute to increased confusion. We’ve included some quick tips that help you support your loved-one during the warmer months.

Click onto the link below to open the 4-page pdf in your browser or open the pdf attached to news article.