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ITV Studios is producing a unique documentary series that follows five people coming out of prison and five households willing to offer them their spare room for 100 days. Our single camera documentary crew will film with all selected participants during that key period of time. 

Recognising that finding suitable accommodation is one of the biggest hurdles facing people who have been incarcerated, this observational series will shine a light on the many challenges facing people coming out of prison while providing a safe and secure environment from which a person may have a better chance of turning their life around.

During the 100 days, those who have exited prison will be given access to mentors and community support to help facilitate their individual needs. The host household (all over 18 years) will be compensated to cover board and out of pocket expenses. 

ITV Studios is producing the series based on the successful Homecoming Project in the United States.  https://impactjustice.org/impact/homecoming-project/ where men and women coming out of prison are offered accommodation with suitable private households to help turn their lives around. The project has been operating for almost 2 years with no returns to prison.  It recently received a $2.5 million dollar grant to increase the number of participating households to 120. 

The experience of those providing the accommodation and the formerly incarcerated person, their motivation and journey of adjustment will be documented with sensitivity and care by our team in a non-intrusive, low key manner.  This is an opportunity to make a difference and reveal to Australian audiences the true nature and challenges of life on the outside.

ITV will employ one or two case workers to be purely in the corner of the person coming out of prison so that they have someone who can advise, support and consult with.  This would be a behind the scenes role.

In addition to the case worker(s) ITV will use the services of a psychologist  to firstly screen potential households, then provide ongoing support through the filming period and again when it goes to air. The aim of the ongoing support would be to solve any problems that arise but both the household and their guest have the right to cease the arrangement before the end of the 100 days. 

If you have a spare room and a big heart then please email us at [email protected]