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The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing is continuing to deliver the Diversity Communities of Practice series in 2022.

The next dates are Tuesday February 8, 2pm to 4pm (AESST) and Tuesday May 10, 2pm to 4pm (AEST)

Sign up here: http://www.culturaldiversity.com.au/service-providers/training/diversity-communities-of-practice

The Centre for Cultural Diversity is also continuting to support the Aged Care Signage program, for signs in different languages to assist residents in aged care facilities navigate their way around their home or service. Signs such as ‘kitchen’, ‘dining room’, ‘keep out’, ‘danger’, and ‘this way to the garden’, will help improve communication with residents/clients and minimise confusion. Resources can be downloaded from this link in many languages. http://www.culturaldiversity.com.au/service-providers/multilingual-resources/aged-care-signage