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All Together Now’s CAPE project provides training for front-line workers that aims to enhance their capacity to recognise, identify and respond to young people who might be vulnerable to being recruited by far-right groups.

There are two upcoming sessions in the region. There is a training slated on 12 November 2019 in Coffs Harbour and another on 13 November  2019 in South Grafton.

CAPE recognises that front-line workers must navigate complex social issues facing young people. These free trainings offer workers the resources they need to confidently and effectively contend with these issues.

The program will provide knowledge about far-right extremism, communications skills that will help to address controversial and complex issues with young people, and the skills to support young people.

There are also opportunities to network and build relationships with other workers and organizations as well as ongoing updates and support.

For more information go to http://cape.alltogethernow.org.au.

To apply, send an email to [email protected] with your name, contact details and the date of the training you would like to attend. Please attach your CV and a few sentences about what you wish to gain from the training.