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The Federal Health Department has grants available to support Commonwealth Home Support Programme services.

The Department recognises that the operating environment and demand for services may change during the term of the 2020-2022 CHSP grant agreement. To support CHSP service providers to respond flexibly to local changes, the Department has opened an ad hoc grant opportunity on GrantConnect. (Please refer to the CHSP Program Manual 2020-22 page 77)

This funding round is an opportunity for CHSP service providers to submit ad hoc proposals to:

• respond to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances;

• address local gaps in service delivery; and/or

• trial new and innovative service delivery models.

To apply for this grant opportunity, a CHSP provider must already have an executed Whole of Government grant agreement with the Commonwealth to deliver CHSP services and submit an application through GrantConnect.

Note: this grant opportunity is not intended to replace CHSP growth funding and applicants must be able to outline how their request for additional one-off or recurrent funding addresses one or more of the above priorities.

A copy of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines and application form can be found on GrantsConnect . This application round is open until 30 June 2022.