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The Government will commit $6.9 million to a staged rollout of the national Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises (CME) Support Program.

CMEs are organisations that are owned and run by members, such as consumers, service providers, employees or people in the local community.The CME Support Program will support aged care, and the broader care and support sector to:

· develop sustainable and coordinated approaches in growing a skilled workforce using a model which is likely to attract new workers to the care sector

· support the start-up of six to seven CMEs that will deliver care services in areas of need, and

· deliver up to six additional projects to help grow existing CMEs.

Case studies can be found in this link:


To find out more about how co-operatives and mutuals might work for you, contact a BLCW Regional Coordinator at [email protected]

Other resources on governance can be explored here: https://bccm.coop/about/what-we-do/governance/