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The National Family Group Conference Forum will be held on 30 September and 1 October 2019. The forum will be held at the Bankstown Sports Club in Sydney. The focus will be on the challenges and benefits of finding and reconnecting families.

The Australian Family Group Conference & Assessment is an Aboriginal organisation specialising in Family Group Conferencing and training.

A family group conference (FGC) is a structured decision-making meeting made up of family members.

The goal of the meeting is to provide families with a safe space and time to reach a plan to facilitate safe care and protection for children in need.

Staff are qualified and trained in family work and possess cultural competency. Professionals are only involved at the beginning and end of the meeting, intending to support the family members as the primary decision makers.

The forum will feature speakers, families sharing their experiences, as well as masterclasses. There will be information about local services, the challenges of culture within FGC, and innovative approaches to reconnecting families.

Speakers will include a panel of experts and family members who will share their first-hand experience with the family reunification process.

Day two of the forum will offer a selection of masterclasses. Topics include family finding, using art to map families, Me and My Mob reunification program, and linking families to communities.

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