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Commonwealth Government Scholarship Scheme –

  • Applicants have to be aged 15-24 years (unless ex defence where there is no age limit)
  • Scholarships provided of up to $5000 per year
  • Study period is from 6 months up to 2 years
  • Courses – Cert 111 up to an Advanced Diploma
  • Potential applicants have to reside in or around the Gosford, Grafton or Coffs Harbour Region
  • There are priority groups that are being targeted  (details on fact sheet)

The Scholarship funds not only help pay for course fees, there is also a 20 day work placement/internship component which is organized for them with a suitable employer and the scholar gets paid $3000 on top of their scholarship monies. The funding can also cover such things as technical items, student amenities, laptops, electricity (more details on fact sheet attached).

Potential Scholars can be working up to 35 hours per week and still be eligible.

Extra applicable information on fact sheet attached to this email.

The application is through

Encourage all potential applicants to contact [email protected] before trying to apply, and I will help guide them through the whole process.

Zoe Goddard- Regional Scholarship Coordinator. Busy at Work. Phone 0400 633 191