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headspace Group Chat sessions offer young people and their families and friends an opportunity to speak anonymously online to headspace mental health professionals and hear from others about a topic that will be discussed.

Group Chats run for approximately 1 hour and are hosted by mental health professionals and members of the headspace Youth National Reference Group (hY NRG) and Family and Friends Reference Group.

Anyone can view a Group Chat live chat or transcript. In order to participate, you will need to create a Group Chat profile. This requires an email address and password, and you can set up your Group Chat user name and profile picture if you wish. Your Group Chat profile will automatically save any chats you’ve participated in to your profile so you can find them easily.

Upcoming Group Chats include:

  • Recognising warning signs and learning how to support young people – 13 August
  • Coping With Social Anxiety – August 23
  • Finding motivation – September 20
  • How to have difficult conversations – September 29

If you want to participate in a Group Chat but you want to be anonymous, you can select this option once you’ve logged in. One you’re logged in you can share images and videos if you think they will be helpful for the chat or the people you’re chatting with.

Head to headspace Group Chats for more information and to create an account to join today.