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Over the last few weeks COTA have been analysing the 2021 Federal Budget and are now releasing their analysis. The headlines on the day were about the major spending on aged care, and some gains and some disappointments in other areas. The whole story is more complicated, and COTA Australia has done the work to tell you the full story.

You can access our Policy Alert on the Federal Budget here. 

The Government is spending the money needed to support the aged care system. More importantly there is also money and the policies needed to reform the system. However, there is little for the mature aged unemployed or vulnerable groups, especially those living in private rental homes.

If you want to know the policy details of what was in the Federal Budget, download our policy alert. 

COTA are now working on our campaigns to ensure that the reforms to aged care that have been promised, and mostly funded, actually happen. COTA are also keeping up the pressure on retirement incomes. Life is too hard for single pensioners who rent, and the system is unfair for the many others who get trapped by complicated rules.

Ian Yates AM

Chief Executive

COTA Australia