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Lismore City Council is concerned that charity stores will become the target of illegal dumping over the Christmas break and is reminding people that hefty fines apply for anyone caught dumping.

Council’s Environmental Compliance Officer Stuart Thomson said fines of $4000 apply for any person found guilty of illegal waste dumping and Council would not hesitate to prosecute any person suspected of committing a waste dumping offence.

He said most charity stores in Lismore had 24-hour surveillance at drop-off points and Council would be using this as evidence after the Christmas break to prosecute offenders.

“Residents need to be aware that like the rest of us, most charity stores close for a well-earned Christmas break,” Stuart explained.

“Council is pleading with residents to keep the goods that they have set aside for charity donations until the stores reopen in 2021.

“If there is no appropriate receptacle to place your items in and you leave those items beside, on top of or nearby a donations bin, your actions may be viewed as illegal waste dumping.”