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With over 60,000 young people living with disability in NSW, Youth Action is proud to announce that the Creating Access Disability Inclusion Toolkit is now live!

This easy to use tool kit aimed at supporting youth living with disability has been developed in partnership with People with Disability Australia and has been tested with youth services across the state.

The project is led by young people living with disability. It aims to support youth services to increase their skills and confidence in engaging with and supporting young people living with disability.

The toolkit supports youth services to improve accessibility and promotes self-advocacy by providing resources to help young people living with disability to develop agency and support independence.

There is also a story telling component built into the project which highlights youth advocates who are working in the space and gives service providers and young people the opportunity to discuss accessibility and the barriers to it.

This is of particular importance as 100% of young people who had accessed youth services had faced accessibility barriers and 56% said that they were not very confident raising concerns about something they are not happy with at a youth service. Create Access is proud to be taking action to bridge that gap.

To test your organization’s accessibility, make a plan to improve accessibility, share your learning and to support young people with a disability to self-advocate visit CreatingAcess.org. Do it today!