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Meet Ted.

We would like to introduce you to Ted. He’s online – and he has symptoms of dementia.

Ted is an avatar with artificial intelligence (AI). He’s at the heart of the engaging new education tool from Dementia Australia’s Centre for Dementia Learning: Talk with TedTM.

You can have a real conversation with Ted. This use of AI makes Talk with Ted a world-first in dementia education.

Talk with Ted is an online learning module designed to help you:

• improve your communication skills; increasing your confidence, skills and knowledge when supporting people with dementia

• practise talking with someone who has dementia symptoms in a safe and realistic environment, via simulated scenarios

• recall exactly what you have learnt so that you can apply your new skills.

The program is suitable for people with different levels of experience in dementia care. Ted’s behaviour and changes in mood are based on real-life situations.

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Talk with Ted