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At Baptist Care,  we offer a number of services with the aim of providing hope and support to people that are on the margins, at risk or coming out of a crisis. These services are:

Casework – Caseworkers provide practical support to clients helping them to identify goals and supporting them to achieve them. These goals can be anything that helps them get back on their feet creating new pathways forward.  We are able to provide tailored support to meet the individual needs of each client.

Work Development Orders (WDO’s) – WDO’s support people who are unable to pay their fines by helping them engage in other activities such as counselling, volunteering or education to help clear their fines.

Chaplaincy – our chaplain can provide support and a listening ear to help people as they work through the issues of life.

No Interest Loans (NILS) – Our NILS Co-ordinator can work with clients to help them secure a no interest loans for the purchase of for everyday items such as white goods, car repairs or school supplies.

HopeStreet Lismore

If you have any questions about whether the services we offer are appropriate for your clients or you would like to refer someone to us please get in touch either by phone on 0490 298 431 or by email to [email protected]