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The NSW Audit Office is conducting an audit on the NSW Police responses to domestic and family violence. The audit aims to assess the effectiveness of police responses with a focus on training and development, workforce and other capability planning resource allocation, performance monitoring and service quality.

DVNSW invites you to contribute to this audit by taking part in a survey to provide evidence on how your organisation works with your Police Area Commands when responding and supporting clients experiencing domestic and family violence.

DVNSW acknowledges feedback that there is the inconsistency of response of Police across different areas, so this survey will provide you with the opportunity to comment specifically on up to five Police Area Commands (PAC)

Please note all data will be anonymised, however, some services may be identifiable to an extent based on police area commands.

You will be able to comment on up to five Police Area Commands (PAC).

The survey will take from 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on how many Police Area Commands that your organisation works with and chooses to comment on.