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Course Details

Course: Advanced frameworks for domestic violence counselling

Workshop Number: DV611-83036

Date: 23/06/2021 – 24/06/2021

Trainers: Greg Yee

Location: Lismore

Applications Close: 26/05/2021

For workers who have training and work experience in providing counselling or support services to people who experience domestic violence and who are looking for additional insights and skills. Course Description: Where does a skilled domestic violence counsellor or support worker go to discuss advanced practice questions and gain more insight?

This 2-day course is an opportunity for those experienced in addressing domestic violence issues to explore some of the complex practice and theoretical challenges that arise from working with this important client group. The facilitator will provide input and hopes to create a safe environment for participants to raise and reflect on issues and challenging cases, as well as to share discoveries and strategies they have found effective.

Learning Outcomes

– Examine a foundational framework for working with people experiencing domestic violence

– Demonstrate enhanced insight into the mindsets and behaviour of different perpetrator ‘types’, including perpetrator tactics that keep some women ‘stuck’

– Explore a deeper understanding of how children experience domestic violence, the impact on them and the impact of the perpetrator on the relationship between mothers and children

– Consider how cultural contexts can impact on the experience of domestic violence

– Demonstrate knowledge of how to work effectively with women and children experiencing domestic violence whilst keeping safety in the forefront.

Participants should have experience working with victims of domestic violence.

Costs: NSW Health participants – $80

Interagency workers (government & non-government) – $140

Private practitioners & interstate participants – $200

Notes: Morning & afternoon tea is provided. Lunch is not provided

The registration is online by following the link included at the bottom of the attached flyer.

However, recently ECAV has experienced some difficulties with the Portal; it can have an impact on online registrations.

Please find the attached Website course application forms (one for health workers and one for staff members engaged by other government and non-government organisations) just in case the online enrolment site is not accessible. The form needs to be filled in (all details) and send back as an attachment to our Operational Team [email protected]  for processing.