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Everybody’s Home have released a Budget Position Paper calling on the Government to invest in 25,000 social and affordable rentals a year, and noting that the Abbot Government’s cancellation of the National Rental Affordability Scheme means Australia will lose 27,400 affordable rentals over the next four years, effectively cancelling out the Housing Australia Fund build of 30,000 new properties over five years.

You can catch the story on AM (at 3:10-6:40), in The Australian, and on MMM, and ABC radio news, and also catch Wendy Hayhurst from CHIA talking about how this can be delivered on the World Today.

To help amplify the message, you can post the story on socials (see some tiles below), and also give the Budget Petition another run.

Lastly, next week is the 20th Anniversary of Anti-Poverty week. This is a great opportunity to make the link between the need for housing and people’s experience of poverty.