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We would like to invite Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who live in NSW to join a Research Governance Group to help our researchers keep focussed on privileging an Aboriginal perspective and Aboriginal community benefit. We encourage Aboriginal people to join the Research Governance Group made up of 7-10 Aboriginal members.  We are looking for a cross section across NSW Aboriginal community. This will include, but not exclusively, community-controlled organisations, mainstream organisations and non-government organisations.

Meetings will be held on a virtual platform (zoom or similar) for 60-90 minutes every two months until late 2022.

What is 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning?
8 Aboriginal ways of learning is a way of teaching and learning based on north western NSW Aboriginal culture, perspectives and mechanisms for learning. This research study brings 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning to a health context and documents how this is done and what comes of it. The researchers will report on research progress and challenges to the Research Governance Group every meeting. The Research Governance Group will also be asked to provide advice on future directions for the research.

Who is doing the research?
Dr Emma Webster (University of Sydney, School of Rural Health), Regina Osten, Rachael Havrlant, Eunice Simon (Agency for Clinical Innovation), Allan Hall, Yvonne Hill, Cecil See (Bangamalanha Centre).

What do I do if I am interested?
Contact Emma Webster on [email protected] or 0439 849 174 to nominate yourself. You can also ask Emma for more information about the study. Expressions of Interest close on Friday 19th March.