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The deadline for responses has been extended to 19 March 2021.  

The Centre for Volunteering, along with the Department of Communities and Justice, is producing the first State of Volunteering Report for NSW. 

Do you want to be heard? Do you want to make a difference?  

Tell us what you think about volunteering.  

Your responses will directly shape the future of volunteering in NSW. You will make a difference. 

We want to hear from young people (12-24), even if you don’t or can’t volunteer – your answers are important.  

Your answers will help us to understand why you volunteer, and what the barriers are that stop you from volunteering. 

Tell us about how and why you help others. Tell us why you don’t volunteer.  

Be part of this exciting opportunity and complete the survey by 19 March 2021.  

For more information email [email protected]