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Financial Abuse Service NSW

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Financial Abuse Service NSW is encouraging referrals. Evidence shows that the frequency and severity of Family and Domestic Violence increases during times of crisis.

People are being asked to stay home in order to avoid the virus; but it’s not a safe place for people who are living in an abusive relationship. Some may suffer financial abuse for the first time; for others it might get worse. 

During COVID19, signs of financial abuse might be disguised as financial stressunemployment and housing insecurity. Frontline community services are best placed to identify people who have experienced financial abuse.

We predict that financial abuse issues arising during the pandemic will continue to present for years after the crisis.

RLC’s Financial Abuse Service NSW can provide advice about the legal options to resolve the credit, debt and consumer law problems that stem from financial abuse. If you would like to refer someone for legal assistance, you can:

Call us on 0481 730 344, Monday to Thursday from 9am – 1pm


Assist the person to complete our web enquiry form at 


Email us at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Potential client’s full name
  • A safe contact method for the potential client
  • Full name of their abusive partner
  • List of all known creditors (anyone chasing the potential client for money)
  • Any further information that will limit the client having to re-tell their story (when relevant).

If we cannot assist someone with their particular matter, we can refer them to another service that may be able to assist.

If you have any further questions about financial abuse and our service, please do not to hesitate to call us on 0481 730 344 or email [email protected].