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​The Focus on New Fathers pilot program is a free and voluntary service available to support dads through the perinatal period.

From the time their partner is 16 weeks pregnant, up until 24 weeks following the birth, fathers are able to sign up to receive SMS messages containing tips, information and links, sent at relevant times based on the baby’s birth date. The messages continue until the baby is 12 months old and focus on father self-care, partner support and father-child attachment. Fathers can opt out at any time.

Promotional materials, including posters, flyers and postcards are now available to assist with raising awareness of the program and assisting fathers to sign up to the service. If your organisation would like to obtain some of these materials, please contact [email protected]alth.nsw.gov.au.

Additionally, there is a professional taster available for those wanting to experience the service first-hand. Through this, professionals can receive three messages per week for three weeks to gain an understanding of what the messages are like. To sign up to the professional taster, head to www.sms4dads.com and scroll down to the ‘Click here for professional taster’ button.

To find out more about the program, or to sign up to the service, please visit www.health.nsw.gov.au/focus-on-new-fathers.