(02) 6620 1800 [email protected]

The program caters for anyone over the age of 12 years who is suffering from mental health issues and could benefit from individualised case management support. We help with education, training and employment, housing, developing a healthy lifestyle and living skills, social skills, and improving on client-identified areas of need, whilst providing emotional support and someone to talk to.

The program was developed by The Buttery and there is an online referral document on their website, but it is easiest just to make contact with us directly and we can link the client in.

The program is originally meant to run for 12 weeks for each client but we work with people from where they are at, and until they are empowered enough to no longer require our support (which is usually much longer than this).

Our service is targeted at Indigenous people but this program is open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons.

Unfortunately people who are currently registered with  the NDIS are not eligible to be involved in the program, but we assist with NDIS applications.

For more information regarding the program call Rekindling the Spirit 02 6622 5534