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The Northern NSW Local Health District is encouraging Northern Rivers residents aged 60 and over to take advantage of free health coaching during the current stay at home orders in place across regional NSW.

“Reduced physical activity during lockdown puts older adults at risk of a decline in their physical and mental health,” Jillian Adams, Manager Health Promotion, Northern NSW Local Health District said.

“This can increase risk of falls and limit a person’s ability to be able to get back to all the things they love doing once lockdown is over.”

Two free programs are on offer to help older adults stay connected, stay active and stay on their feet.

• Healthy and Active for Life Online is a 10-week online program for adults aged 60 and over who do not currently participate in a regular exercise program, but who can move around their home without a walking aid. It includes 10 online self-directed healthy lifestyle modules, a home exercise program, and a weekly phone call from a trained coach. Participants need a computer or tablet and the internet to participate. Aboriginal people can join from age 45. Healthy and Active for Life Online runs each school term. Term 4 registrations close September 24th.

• Get Healthy offers 6 months of free phone-based health coaching from a university qualified coach. Get Healthy can help anyone, regardless of how active they are, to set and reach healthy lifestyle goals. Goals can include losing weight, eating better, moving more or drinking less. NSW residents 16 years and older can join Get Healthy. You can sign up to Get Healthy at any time.

“We have had over 100 people join these programs in the past month,” Ms Adams said. “Participants are really seeing results and enjoying the connection with their coach.”

Northern Rivers resident, Vicky, 63, says of her experience with Get Healthy: “I find my coach to be very motivating and lovely to speak to. I look forward to reaching my goals and to the phone calls from my coach to keep me going.”

For more information or to register for free, visit: Healthy and Active Online and Get Healthy