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If you haven’t heard already, the most important review into the NDIS is underway right now – and we all need to get involved. Here’s a reminder for you to get your thoughts in.

The Tune Review into the NDIS Act is a chance for us to shape the NDIS and make it work for everyone who needs it.

In the last few months many of you have told us you are sick and tired of endless reviews. And you have told us you are particularly tired of sending in written submissions. You said you wished there was a way to just leave a message.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve done!

We’ve set up a new voicemail service so you can tell the review team in your own words what’s working with the scheme and what isn’t. 

(Click here to find out how you can leave a message)

We encourage you, if you haven’t yet, to join the rest of us and have your say.

We’ll collect your messages and get them to the team who are conducting the review.

As well as leaving a message you can also:

– Send us a video

– Or send us a quick email

We will do all the hard work for you. We will compile all the messages and send them through to the Tune review team.

More detail about how to leave a message and other ways of getting involved in the review are on our website.

You can also get involved in the formal consultations conducted by the Department of Social Services.

You can find out more on the Department of Social Services consultation website called Engage.

Let’s stand together and tell the government exactly what needs to happen to get the NDIS working the way it should.