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A little bit about our amazing free youth program.

Firstly during Covid-19 we are still open for business and getting plenty of job vacancies. Any of our clients wanting to work are being placed in suitable employment and very quickly.


Transition to work is all about working with young people aged between 15-24 years old to achieve their goals. Our main objective is to get our clients working or studying or maybe even both! We take a big picture approach and look at all aspects of that young person’s life and make sure we are addressing any barriers holding them back from achieving their goals.

The whole team work towards getting them job ready and getting them employed and or in education.

  • Our Youth Advisors – Work one on one case managing. Directing, guiding and coaching to achieve the agreed goal. The Youth Advisor’s will help set a goal and work towards getting the participants job ready.
  • Our Youth Facilitators – Run fun and engaging workshops. Our workshops teach employability skills (resume’s cover letters, interview skills, what employers want) and life skills (how to do your tax, what a healthy relationship looks like, how to manage stress etc)
  • Our Business advisor – Has a direct line to hundreds of employers up and down the coast. He brings in vacancies and creates opportunities for our young people.

You do not have to be on a centrelink payment to be eligible for this program. We can directly register any participant. (Eligibility does apply)

Non Indigenous Participants

The eligibility is different depending on the level of schooling however as a general rule if completed year 10, disengaged for 3 months and completed year 12 disengaged for 6 months.  Or over compulsory school age and exited/unenrolled from school system. We are able to use our discretion in some cases so if attendance hasn’t been great but they are not entirely disengaged please call me anyway. Also we are able to assist NZ Citizens as they are on a SCV.

Indigenous Participants

Regardless of level of schooling or disengagement, they are eligible for TTW.  We have offices at:

Coomera 1800 007 400
Youth Advisors – Carly: [email protected] 0439 470 181
                                 Herbert: [email protected] 0407 617 017

Nerang 1800 007 400
Youth Advisors –   Javier:  [email protected] 0418 962 034
                                 Monika:  [email protected] 0418 853 116

Palm Beach 1800 007 400
Youth Advisor – Karen: [email protected] 0475 422 277

Tweed 1800 007 400
Youth Advisor – Alissa: [email protected] 0428 764 497
                              Kristen: [email protected] 0417 415 532

Murwillumbah 1800 007 400
Youth advisor: Eve: [email protected]