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At our January 2022 Better Chances Forum (BCF) online connection session we looked back to our September 2021 discussion about engagement practice and picked up the theme of holding hope and supporting people’s goals. Having come through another festive season impacted by Covid-19 it seemed a good time to focus on hope and lift our energy as we launch into 2022.

Twenty BCF members joined the discussion and we started where we left this theme in September 2021 recognising:

  • hope and believing in people impacts wellbeing
  • we can support people’s goals, big or small
  • encouragement and hope fosters empowerment – seeing goals people thought were impossible are possible with support and time.

So what contributes to holding hope and supporting people’s goals? Here is the summary from our conversation.

  • Taking time to make a connection. Believe in people, value them without judgement or your own agenda.
  • Support people to understand short, medium and longer-term goals and how they can build on each other.  Acknowledge success no matter how small.
  • When you have built trust and connection you are better placed to help reframe and support people to see their strengths.
  • Actively listen to families about their needs, how the family functions, support they already have in place and support they need.
  • Use simple, accessible language, which benefits everyone.
  • Hold hope for ourselves first and support our welling. This is an essential foundation if we are to support children and young people and their families and communities. This will be the theme for our next practice conversation in the 16 February 2022 BCF connection meeting. Please join us if you can.

For more information download the meeting summary or contact [email protected].