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A group of local youth workers and community members have joined together to explore how young people at risk can be better connected to community and pathways to employment. The group want to respond to the growing numbers of young people disengaged from education and recent youth crime incidents with more effective programs.

As part of the group’s exploration of what new programs could help young people in our community, the group is hosting the award-winning ‘BackTrack Boys’ Documentary at the Regent Cinema on Thursday the 15th of October and is inviting community members along to find out more.  

Group Facilitator Ahri Tallon said ‘The screening will highlight how BackTrack’s unique youth program is transforming kids’ lives by engaging them in a long-term and holistic program. It tells the story of the highly regarded program set up by 2020 Australian Local Hero of the Year, Bernie Shakeshaft.

This is a great opportunity for the community to come together and start the conversation about how to better prevent struggling young people from turning away from education and turning towards crime. 

‘There are many programs around Australia demonstrating that we can keep kids safe and support them to chase their dreams by connecting them with nature, animals, community and practical skills that give them inspiration for what they can do with their life if they make healthy choices. We are inviting interested community members to join us in exploring the kind of program that could offer opportunities for young people to better connect to a positive vision of the future for themselves’. 


General tickets are available http://tiny.cc/ccwssz