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Healthy North Coast is looking for dynamic future-thinking people who want to be part of improving the journey of healthy living and ageing on the North Coast.

Be part of an extensive regional strategic planning exercise focused on achieving an intergenerational community-driven approach to Healthy Ageing.

Members will provide expert professional advice and lived experiences to guide the work of the Strategy.

What to expect?

• A commitment of 5-10 hrs per month for one year from May 2021 – June 2022 with a possibility of extending into the implementation phase.

• Remuneration is available for those working outside of their position scope or in a voluntary capacity.

• The Terms of Reference for the group can be provided on request.


Please use the form https://hnc.org.au/news-story/interested-in-healthy-ageing-and-living-well-xhp-x2/

to provide your details and position, plus one paragraph of your ideal futuristic world for ageing on the North Coast by Monday 31 May 2021.

We will be contacting people at the end of May with arrangements for the group.

Places are limited and appointed at the discretion of Healthy North Coast. Healthy North Coast will make all efforts to involve those interested in the strategy’s development even if not as part of the Reference Group.

If you have questions, contact:

Bron McCrae Deputy Director Healthy Living and Ageing

Email [email protected] or ring for a chat on 0447 113 823.