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Gayaa Dhuwi (Proud Spirit) Australia acknowledges and pays respect to Elders, both past and present and all generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples now and into the future as the Traditional Owners of this land.

Tips for staying healthy and strong during the coronavirus outbreak
For further resources and reliable information, including how to get mental health support, see the longer version of this tip sheet at gayaadhuwi.org.au/coronavirus
We are all feeling worried and stressed about the coronavirus. Our lives are going to change in many ways, and we have to prepare ourselves now. To stay mentally strong, here are some tips:
1. Be informed the right way – We need to know what the health experts are saying and follow their advice.
2. Be practical and prepared as things change – It’s good to think ahead more than usual at this time.
3. It’s OK to be stressed and worried about the virus. What’s not so good is to bottle it up.
4. Have hope – This won’t last forever
5. Our culture keeps us strong – We have faced many battles before and survived. Think about our ancestors’ strengths and where we have come from.
6. Take time away from the news and social media
7. Keep in touch with friends and family – When you are outside, you need to keep two big steps away from other people.
8. Get some fresh air and exercise
9. Eat well – Think about what you’re eating and try and eat well – plenty of fruit and vegetables
10. Be creative or learn something new – Get into playing music, singing, storytelling, dancing and creativity
11. Chill out – you might find yoga, meditation and mindfulness helpful, and there’s also dadirri
12. Keep the kids happy Check in with your kids to see if they’re OK
13. Keep Elders happy
14. Keep yourself happy – Our people are good at looking after everyone else but not so good at looking after ourselves.
15. Be kind to others – Everyone will be stressed at a time like this.
16. Find and give space and respect – Wherever you can, make some part of where you live your own space
17. Create a Stay Strong Plan
18. Don’t let money worries get on top of you
19. Cut back on smoking
20. Think before you drink

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downloadable shorter version of advice

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