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Heal Country calls for stronger measures to recognise, protect and maintain all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage.

Language and culture are intricately interwoven.

In Australia, there are more than 250 Indigenous languages including some 800 dialects. Languages are living things that connect people to Country, culture and ancestors.

Being able to pass on language to future generations is central to keeping language, identity and culture strong.

Red Room Poetry’s  Poetry in First Languages program shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations languages and culture through poetry. Courtesy of Red Room Poetry below is a poem by  Adrian Webster – a proud Yuin and Thunghutti murrin (person) – offered in Gumea Dharawal language and English. 



I look at the trees, I see myself

I look at the rocks, I see myself

I look at the water, I see myself

I look at the birds, I see myself

I look at the country, I see myself

I look at myself, I see my old people

Gumea Dharawhal

Naandthara cūndūlali ngia, naandtha ngiagaan

Naandthara gūrabānlali ngia, naandtha ngiagaan

Naandthara budjahnlali ngia, naandtha ngiagaan

Naandthara nudjūng ngia, naandtha ngiagaan

Naandthara Ngurra ngia, naandtha ngiagaan

Naandthara ngiagaan ngia, naadtha mugan’ndalalijaang.

Provided by Blue Sky Community Services celebrating NAIDOC Week with you all across our region.