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The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) released a position paper on transforming the system of home care for older Australians, which analysed the Federal Government’s responses to key home care recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and what more needs to be done to ensure a secure and safe system for older people.

Director of Clinical Gerontology at NARI, Associate Professor Frances Batchelor, says the NARI research found that the home care system should be needs-based and not rationed, similar to how the healthcare system currently works.

“The Royal Commission highlighted that older Australians want to remain at home, but the current aged care system is not providing adequate access to services and supports to help them remain at home,” Assoc. Prof. Batchelor said.

“While the Federal Government has committed to providing additional home care packages and other incremental reform, this will only provide temporary relief. Without substantial change to the ration-based system, the waitlist will only build up again as more and more people require aged care at home into the future.

“Funding should be linked to individual needs and care planning. Under the current model, bundled funding is allocated to a limited number of older people in need. This model lacks flexibility and is not truly tied to the unique needs of each older person.

“Funding needs to be better distributed so it is allocated in a more cost-effective way, to ensure every person in need of care at home is able to receive it, when they need it.”

The Federal Government is committing $7.5 billion to support older Australians to remain living at home for longer, including $6.5 billion to provide an additional 80,000 Home Care Packages by 2023.

In the recommendations from the Royal Commission, it suggested a needs-based approach to home care, however, the Federal Government did not make any commitment to address this suggestion.

While NARI appreciates that the Government is making positive changes in the sector, they don’t believe the current system will be able to handle a growth in the number of people who need to access home care services.

NARI would support a reformed home care system that is more streamlined, effective and flexible when undertaking a needs assessment, which would improve the overall experience for older people and their families when accessing aged care services.

The full article can be read on this link: https://www.agedcareguide.com.au/talking-aged-care/nari-calls-for-huge-home-care-reform

To view the National Ageing Research Institute Position Paper, head to: https://www.nari.net.au/position-paper-transforming-the-system-of-home-care-for-older-australians