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National Stroke Week is about Celebrating F.A.S.T her0es and educating more.
These are Australians who know about and recognise the F.A.S.T signs of stroke. Face…Arms…Speech…Time. 
The aim is to get the FAST message out there into the community to as many people as possible.

There are several ways that you can get involved for example:

Request a National Stroke Week Kit

Share the short video with your contacts so as many people as possible know the F.A.S.T signs.

Book a StrokeSafe speaker – zoom or face to face

Got to the website for further details of how you can become involved and help spread the word.
“Regional Australians are 19 percent more likely to experience stroke than people in our cities. Regional Australians are also more likely to die or be left with a serious disability as a result of stroke because of limited access to best-practice treatment and care — most stroke specialists are located in metropolitan areas” according to information you will find on this site.

StrokeLine (1800 787 653) – Free advice service, staffed by health professionals providing information & advice on stroke.

EnableMe – Online resource to help survivors & their families navigate the recovery journey & connect.

F.A.S.T. signs of stroke Community Education – Educating Australians to recognise & call tripe zero (000) at the first sign of stroke.

InformMe – Empowering health professionals to deliver stroke treatment & care.