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The Council of the Ageing (COTA), with Catalyst Research, is asking older Australians and those considering aged care: what are you looking for in an aged care home?

Putting choice and control of aged care in the hands of older people, is one of COTA Australia’s core values.

Older people are not all the same, and we do not all want the same aged care services. Nursing homes should all be high quality, but that does not mean they should all be the same.

Achieving this goal, the goal of ensuring every older Australian can have choice and control of aged care, means lobbying the government, but it also means informing the industry about the diversity of needs and aspirations.

If you need a nursing home, maybe today, maybe in the future, maybe for you, maybe for a parent… what will you be looking for? What makes one aged care facility more attractive than another?

COTA and Catalyst Research are asking those questions, and many more of current and future aged care consumers. If we do not tell aged care providers what we want, we are unlikely to get it, so please help us tell providers what they should be providing.

Please take 10 minutes and go to https://www.cota.org.au/cota-research-1/ and fill out the survey. Pass it around too – we are looking for 5,000 responses, so that we make sure to hear from people with lots of different preferences and needs.

We have campaigned for government and industry to listen more to Older Australians as they design aged care… now they are listening, let’s make sure to tell them.