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Recently Social Futures Community Aged Care Sector Support staff completed the online learning modules. Glenn Bailey shares his thoughts …

To support my role in facilitating reflective practice on wellness and reablement implementation by CHSP providers I recently completed the eLearning reablement modules provided by the My Aged Care Learning Environment (MACLE). The three modules took around 10 hours to complete. The self-paced learning approach gave me the flexibility to engage in the content with convenience. Highlights for me centred on further developing my language on wellness and re-ablement, appreciating practical re-ablement strategies, negotiating goal setting in practice and broader awareness of diversity, complexity and vulnerability themes in aged care.

It is  highly recommend all CHSP funded services and staff register for the MACLE eLearning reablement modules while there are still available places. A resource that explains more details and has a summary of training content can be found here (courtesy of the Eastern Sector Development Team – Victoria).

Anyone interested in registering in the online training needs to complete this spreadsheet and return it to email: [email protected]

Please note, our Social Futures team will definitely be sharing the many resources and great information we accessed through the above training in our future reflective practice workshops for Northern Rivers (contact [email protected]  or 0408-132-838 for bookings).