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Jobseeker payments are to be reduced from $1100 per fortnight to $850 from September 25. ACOSS is predicting this will have ‘alarming’ consequences for many Australians. Their most recent survey shows that nearly half of respondents estimated they will be left with less than $14 a day after rent or mortgage. 

With Anti-Poverty Week (Oct 11-17) looming, NCOSS is inviting its members to make a short phone video to raise awareness about levels of poverty and disadvantage in NSW communities.  

These videos will be used in Anti-Poverty Week and might feature in a national advocacy campaign. 


Videos should be short – 30 to 60 seconds, and focus on the need to maintain jobseeker and support social housing.  Details on messaging and what to do with your video can be found here:


NCOSS – More information on how to participate


The deadline for submissions is September 25.