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We all go through tough times but when you have an intellectual disability, it can be even harder to recognise and pull yourself out of troubling thoughts and feelings.

Healthy Mind is a new website designed to help people with Intellectual Disability (ID) to manage unhelpful thinking, to recognise feelings, to relax and to learn to have fun.

Created by the Black Dog Institute the website is designed for people with mild to borderline intellectual disability who may also be experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and/or stress. Healthy Mind can also be helpful for sustaining and building good mental health.

Healthy Mind can be accessed for free and without the need to register. It consists of five structured learning topics that apply proven strategies used by doctors and psychologists.

Healthy Mind learning topics include:

  •       Breathe and relax
  •         Managing unhelpful thinking
  •       Having more fun
  •         Taming anger
  •         Recognising Feelings

Healthy Mind can:

  •         provide treatment and support where face-to-face therapy is not available or accessible.
  •         be used in conjunction with face-to-face therapy by providing a supplementary level of support
  •        be accessed at any time providing information and skills when required.

The website can be found here: https://www.healthymind.org.au

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