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A new way of yarning about health decisions for Aboriginal people and healthcare professionals has been created with mob, for mob.

Healthy North Coast Chief Executive Officer Julie Sturgess says she is delighted to promote Finding your way, a new culturally adapted model to help Aboriginal communities and their health providers talk through health decisions together.

“At Healthy North Coast, our role is to make sure any North Coast resident who wants a COVID-19 vaccine can access it and to help residents make that decision in a culturally safe way,” Ms Sturgess said.

“We know that sometimes talking about your own health isn’t easy and you want to talk to someone you can trust to get the information that’s right for you.

“This new resource is a great model for conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because it recognises the role of family and other cultural factors, and highlights the non-linear approach Aboriginal people often take to decision-making about their health.

“Finding your way tells the story of an individual’s journey in making a health decision. We all start at the beginning, but choose different paths based on our experiences, knowledge and beliefs.

“This model incorporates many of the practices, cultural beliefs and values that our region’s Aboriginal medical services and Aboriginal health workers already use when yarning with their community about the vaccine.

“Using this approach, people can ask questions, share stories and weigh up options for them and their family – even take a break if they don’t want to make a vaccine decision straight away.

“For this reason, I also encourage GPs and other local health providers to offer this way of talking about the COVID-19 vaccination to their communities.

“Making the right health decision is not always straightforward and we need to incorporate new ways of thinking and yarning into our health conversations,” Ms Sturgess said.