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Ngunya Jarjum’s are offering a 2-day Cultural experience ‘Talk n Walk’ for carers and Jarjums during the school holidays on 19-20 January 2020.

Please find attached the flyer and cost for the 2 day adventure.  For all of the Aboriginal children and their caregivers in Northern NSW.

Cost per adult:                   $250.00

Cost per child:                    $175.00

Attached is the registration form – alternatively you can register online at: www.ngunyajarjum.com/programs

Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle with any questions. Please share among your teams and across your Agency.

Michelle Rogers
Programs Manager
P: 02 6626 3700
E: [email protected]
FX: 02 6622 5500
W: www.ngunyajarjum.com