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Dear Community Leader,

After a tragically challenging summer with the impact of the drought, bushfires, floods and now the disruption, fears and uncertainty of COVID-19, we know that everyone is responding as best as they can, as they attempt to navigate through these unprecedented times. 

Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NRCF) is committed to standing with community organisations across the region. We are resolved to bring all our community resources together to help during this uncertain and difficult time. 

We would like to hear about the challenges that you and your community are facing, both now, and what you anticipate will emerge in the near future. Please email your contact details to our Research Team at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you directly as soon as we can.

This week NRCF is launching an Emergency Response Fund that will support our Grants Program in June/July this year. Applicants are not required to have a new project or program to apply for this Round, as we acknowledge that this is not a ‘business as usual’ time and we are keen to help community organisations stay in existence.

Many thanks for your tireless commitment to helping our Northern Rivers communities.

Kind regards,

Emily Berry
Executive Officer
Part Time Monday – Thursday
Northern Rivers Community Foundation

The Northern Rivers Community Foundation connects people and communities to tackle tough, urgent social and environmental problems in the Northern Rivers.

As a community foundation, donations are invested year after year. Only the profits are given away each year in the form of grants. NRCF is building a sustainable legacy for the future. The more you give, the more impact we can have.