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Opportunity Pathways is taking referrals and actively supporting people into employment!

Opportunity Pathways is a voluntary employment support service that assists those currently receiving social housing assistance. This includes anyone over 17 years old who is: an Approved Public Housing applicant; Public, Community or Aboriginal Housing tenant, or those currently receiving Rent Choice or Start Safely rental subsidies.

If this sounds relevant to anyone you are working with –  we would love to hear from you! We specialise in creatively supporting individuals to achieve their employment related goals in a approachable,  tailored,  holistic manner – helping our participants to access the most suitable and sustainable training and employment opportunities. We provide up to one-year of on-the-job support for each participant.

Download our referral form here

Additionally, If you have any local business contacts wanting to invest in local people and partner with us to create much needed opportunities for people of northern NSW we would also love to hear from you!

For any inquiries please contact us by phoning: 02 6620 1800, emailing us at [email protected] or visiting our website – https://socialfutures.org.au/opportunity-pathways.