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4 October 


Dearest readers,

Hello and welcome to a new week. In today’s edition, our featured story is the Productivity Commission putting the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement on blast in a new report.

The stalemate continues between the government and independent David Pocock and the Greens over the inclusion of hybrid vehicles in its legislation to introduce EV incentives.

We can reveal exclusively that a new report being given to government will suggest three key actions to help get NDIS participants out of hospital and back home safely, while some of Australia’s biggest investors are calling for net zero targets. We also have all the news that’s fit to print from the Social Enterprise World Forum, including next year’s venue.

In opinion, Kim Garratt from Australian Conservation Foundation explains why a rethink of the government’s safeguard mechanism is needed immediately. ADHD Australia non-executive director Angela Byron argues the community must advocate for the condition to be included in the NDIS.

Also in opinion, Kaushik Sridhar asks what’s in a name when it comes to ESG and Terence Jeyaretnam has the key ESG markers for September, while this week’s Changemaker is Bodo Mann.

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In other news and views


EV Council says Electric Car Discount Bill must pass

Electric Vehicle Council CEO says subsidies bill must go through, but Senator David Pocock and the Greens say hybrids cannot be included.


Exclusive: Three key actions needed to get NDIS participants out of hospital

As people with disability languish in hospital despite being medically ready for discharge, a report being given to government will suggest three key actions to help provide more appropriate accommodation support.


What is the safeguard mechanism and why does it need reform?

If the safeguard mechanism isn’t reformed quickly, climate pollution blowouts will undermine hard-won emissions savings driven by the social sector’s advocacy and on-ground projects, writes Kim Garratt.


Groundswell of support to add ADHD to NDIS

The ADHD community must work together to advocate for the condition to be added to the NDIS, says Angela Byron, non-executive director at ADHD Australia.


Major investors demand more government action on net zero

The climate crisis is both a threat and an opportunity, and clear policy direction will help investors contribute to the transition to net zero, Australia’s major investors say.


What’s in a name?

It might be popular and come with a sexy acronym – the investment sector loves an acronym – but what does ESG really mean? Kaushik Sridhar explains.


Wrapup: Social Enterprise World Forum 2022

We cover all the news from the first and second day of the 2022 Social Enterprise World Forum in Brisbane.


This month in ESG: Batteries, melting ice and the cost of carbon

ESG markers in September include research showing the actual cost of carbon is more than four times higher than thought, the Arctic is in trouble and batteries are high on Victoria’s agenda.


Working towards a spectrum of change

Bodo Mann is focused on supporting the tech careers of young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is this week’s Changemaker.





“As a community, we must work together to advocate for its inclusion, and in the spirit and intention of the NDIS, achieve greater access to treatment and support for those who most critically need it.”

Angela Byron on the groundswell of support to include ADHD in the NDIS.



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Listen to this conversation with Assistant Minister for Charities Andrew Leigh. (ANU)



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