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The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is hosting a series of online workshops. The next workshop is “What story is the Data telling us about the quality of care our customers receive?

The 15 November workshop will explore how to navigate the volumes of performance data and reporting within a highly regulated sector without getting lost in the detail.

To register follow this link: https://gfr.agedcarequality.gov.au/upcoming-learning-events/What-Story-is-Data-Telling-us-About-the-Quality-of-Care-our-Customers-Receive/

On December 8 workshop the “key to trust building” workshop will explore the “cycle of trust”, from staff, to consumers, to regulators and the governing body and executive. How can your organisation present its credibility, reliability and engender a sense of safety, security and confidentiality to aid in building trust. Conversely, how can your self-orientation, either perceived or real, damage your trustworthiness.

To register follow this link: https://gfr.agedcarequality.gov.au/upcoming-learning-events/Key-to-Trust-Building/