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Next week is a big week.

Monday April 27th marks the start of the $550 a fortnight Coronavirus Supplement. This will be paid to those receiving Newstart/JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Parenting Payment, and other payments.

Over 1 million people will be temporarily lifted out of poverty (temporarily, since the Coronavirus Supplement is currently a 6-month payment).

Huge numbers of people, including those who have recently lost their jobs because of the Coronavirus shutdown, will have access to an unemployment payment that is twice the normal rate.

The government has spoken about a ‘snap’-back’, a return to normality, to old policy settings, when this deep health and economic crisis ends. 

But for so many on income support who are looking for paid work, studying and training, or caring for loved ones, normal was struggling to keep a roof over your head, skipping meals, skipping medicines, and constantly feeling stressed and isolated.

There are some things – many things – to which we should never return.

We know there can be no going back to $40 a day (or less). Which is why we need your help to build the next phase of the campaign.

We need you to help grow the campaign, so that we can avoid huge numbers of people falling back into financial crisis. Here are some of the ways you can help:

1) Contact Your MP.
We need people across the country, in every electorate, to sign up to contact their MP, and tell them why we can never go back to $40 a day.

2) Share Your Story. Will your income be raised through the Coronavirus Supplement? Are you willing to speak out about how that extra income will help you to cover the basics, improve your health, and transform your circumstances?

3) Link Up. Raise the Rate supporters across the country cannot meet in person for the time being, but supporters are connecting online, through our #RaiseTheRate Campaigners Facebook group

We are always keen to hear from you.
Stay safe
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