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During March 2021, a total of 33 Aboriginal Family Support and Early Childhood workers in Northern Rivers participated in the Term 1, Strengthening Day series.

The sessions were held:

  •          Online session held Thursday 18 March 2021, facilitated by We Al-li 
  •         Face to face session held Friday 26 March 2021 at Ballina Surf Club, facilitated by We Al-li

Feedback from both sessions was positive and we are working with We Al-li to confirm dates for the next session to be held in Term 2, 2021. Please look out for promotion.

Facilitators of the face to face session shared the following reflection:

Participants showed up with openness to sit in circle together to create a safe space for dialogue, and to explore the themes for the day. Strengthening Days for Aboriginal Family Support and Early Childhood workers have been running for a while now and the March events focus was on Strengthening Cultural & Spiritual identities through Healing Circles, poetry, movement and art.

In answer to the question, ‘What makes you feel safe?’ some of the responses were, ‘respect, opportunity to sit and observe, not being pressured, open & honest sharing, listening, appreciation, humility, listening to learn-learning to talk, who we are together, learning-dreaming-developing’.

With these Principles on Participation in place, we knew we could circle back to safety as often as we needed to.

We explored, ‘what is healing’, and discovered that it’s, ‘spiritual, the long haul, deep listening, connection to language and Country, telling your story, ugly, confrontational, connection, grandchildren, discovery of self, using your voice to change & educate, embody it, that we need tools to unpack the rubbish bin and that we all have the capacity to be healers’.

Sharing these yarns helped us to see where we were at, we also discussed possibilities for the future, solid direction forward in Communities of Care and Communities of Practice.

We checked out feeling, grateful, comfortable, empowered and connected, humbled, feeling heard, spiritually nourished, content, stronger, supported and calm.

Thanks for this opportunity to sit and share, it was truly an inspiring day.

Strengthening Days are a Better Chances Forum project, supported by Social Futures, YWCA Communities for Children, Northcott and NSW Department of Communities and Justice. These sessions were facilitated by We Al-Li

For further information go to www.socialfutures.org.au/development/better-chances-forum/
or contact the Better Chances Forum, phone 0416 277 244, email [email protected]