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A research study, involving several universities, is being carried out to better understand the experience of people in rural, regional and remote Australia who live with a disability and have an NDIS plan.

Planning for a better life with the NDIS

Researchers are looking to  interview people with disability, LACs, NDIS Planners, and Community Connectors, and ECEI agencies who are based
Central Australia and Central Western NSW.

If you have been involved with a number of NDIS planning meetings, your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated. The results of the study will help to plan and design resources and training for people working as formal advocates. and, to improve the planning process for NDIS participants.

Participation is voluntary and would involve an hour and a half conversation in a focus group (either in person or remotely) – or if preferred an individual interview. The information you provide will be de-identified.

If you are interested in sharing your experience contact:

Sarah-Jane Greenaway, Research Assistant Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council, [email protected] or 02 6361 4742

Nettie Flaherty, Research Assistant Centre for Remote Health Alice Springs, [email protected] or 08 89514778

John Gilroy, Chief Investigator The University of Sydney, [email protected] or 0427238776

Funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).